Congrats to all the #SIBA winners!

I just want to take a moment to congratulate all of the Summer Indie Book Award winners. You all put up an amazing fight, and despite all of the drama that surrounded the Awards, it was a good time for most of us authors.

Thank you to everyone who rallied together to make the first ever Summer Indie Book Awards so amazing.It was extremely competitive and so many people showed us indie authors support.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Sapphire’s Destiny during the awards to. You guys showed me some serious love and I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people who have already fallen in love with The Realms Series as much as I have.

For those of you patiently waiting for the next books to come out, don’t worry, I will be putting you out of your misery soon. I don’t have an exact date yet for Blood Stone or Chasing Fire. I was planning a Halloween release for Chasing Fire but my day job has been demanding more and more of my time lately so I’m trying to work writing into my 6 day work week. I can say it will be finished by Christmas though!

If you haven’t done so, head over to my book club, S.L. Perryman Book Club on Facebook, for an exclusive sneak peak into Chasing Fire. As Nubby and Jeremy search for the newly awakened Gifted they find themselves chasing a murderer! As well as exclusive sneak peaks at Blood Stone, the second book in Sapphires’ journey. There are so many big reveals in this book that I want to get it right before I release it. I think you guys will be shocked!

Anyway, back to my cave I go to submerge myself into the magical world of The Realms. Next time I resurface I will be announcing the official release dates! (I hope:/)


Summer Indie Book Awards

Today I was contacted by Metamorph Publishing who informed me that my novel, Sapphire’s Destiny, had been nominated for the 2016 Indie Book Awards.

nominee newest

For me, as a new author, this is a huge step in the right direction. Not many awards are handed out to self published authors, so even making it onto the list is a huge success.

This of course, doesn’t mean that I will place in my category but I have an equal chance as any other nominated author including the better known ones (like Alanea Adler’s Bewitched and Bewildered series which I happen to love).

According to Metamorph Publishing’s site, this is the first year of the awards and there are already over 1,800 nominees across 26 different categories- and there is still 3 weeks left of nominations before voting begins on September 1st.

They are shooting for 3 winners in each category. Each winner will recieve a certificate and some sort of prize as well as bragging rights. With the help of donors like me and you they will be able to achieve this goal. Right now they are accepting everything from money, gift cards, and book marks to signed copies of books and other swag. You can learn more about donating on their website and if you have any questions about what they will and won’t take just shoot them a message through their contact page or on facebook and they will get back to you asap.

They are also accepting nominations up until August 31st, so if you have any favorite indie authors you would like to see on the list, shoot on over to their website and nominate them.

Don’t forget to vote anytime between September 1st-11th for your favorite indie author/novels. (Hint, Hint)


What’s New on and What’s to Come

Over the last week I have been working on this site adding new content.

If you look in the menu section you will see a few new additions to the site. My goal is to continue adding new content to the site over the next month or so.

So what’s New?

Aspiring Authors– I was an aspiring author not too long ago. I understand the confusion and unbelievable amount of information you have to learn when first starting out. I created this page to compile all of the information and resources I have found useful into one easily accessible place for anybody who aspires to someday become a published author.

Downloads– This page is a sub-page for aspiring authors. Here you will find handy printables to help you on your journey to publication. You will find everything from fill-in-the-blank Outline Sheets for your next project to help make your ideas flow smoothly, to checklists, and even printable Book Promotion Site Lists. I will continue adding new printables to the page as time goes on so check back regularly or sign up to my email list to be notified when there are updates made.

Winners Circle– This page is dedicated to my giveaways and the winners of the giveaways. Each time I host a giveaway I will post an announcement on the welcome page, blog, as well as in the Winners Circle. If I have multiple giveaways going at the same time they will all be listed in the Winners Circle together.

Store- You will notice that the store tab has moved but is still live so if you want to make purchases you still can.*

*More things to come.

What’s to come?

Realms Merchandise-Very soon you will be able to purchase The Realms Series apparel. I am working on getting some Realms Creature Plushies made as well as some surprises. More on that at a later date.

Free Book when you sign up to my mailing list offer– Very soon I will be offering a Free eBook when you subscribe to my mailing list. If you are already subscribed you will automatically receive the free book when it goes live.

Print and Audio book availability– In the next few months Sapphire’s Destiny will be available to purchase in audio book and paperback formats through the Store. Keep your eye out for the announcement.

Book Promotion Newsletter– Soon you will be able to sign up to receive special emails with Free or Discounted Book Deals. These emails will be sent out once DAILY with new deals every day. Current Newsletter Subscribers keep and eye on your mailbox for the Launch Announcement.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Author Interview: S.L. Perryman

Today’s Author Interview is S.L. Perryman; Author of The Realms Series: Sapphire’s 1

Names and dates of published novels?

Sapphire’s Destiny was published April 24th, 2016 though i do have another series which i ghostwrote for another author in 2015.

What genre/subgenres do you write in?

I write Fantasy novels focusing heavily on magical realism in an urban setting but I tend to mix mythology into my novels.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in middle school, finishing my very first book called Blast To The Past which will never be seen by anyone…ever, but I didn’t really get into writing until three years ago when I became a stay at home mom.

What made you want to be a writer/ Have you always wanted to write?

Boredom, honestly. when you go from working a full time job to nothing what-so-ever you will find ways to fill the time. In my case I had a daydream that i couldn’t shake and finally decided to grab a pen and paper to write it out hoping that I would find a little releif but instead I found my new obsession.

Who is your favorite author?

I have so many; J.k. Rowling, Scott Westerfeld, C.M. Owens, Chamilla Chafer, Hailey Edwards, and so many more. There is no telling how many other authors I will end up adding to this list. I read a lot, so if an authors writing catches my attention and draws me in, then they will most likely end up becoming one of my favorites.

What was the first piece of fiction that you fell in love with?

The first book I can remember reading over and over again was the Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. It’s a dystopian series and it really got my imagination working overtime. I instantly fell in love with Tally-the main character, her friends, and all of the unusual technology in the book.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I love creating worlds that don’t exist, getting to know my characters, and seeing where the story ends up because it never ends like you imagined when you first start writing. I love being surprised by my own imagination and the things it comes up with.

How long did it take to write your first/last novel?sapphire--HD-Book-Cover

The very first novel I wrote was for another author and it was a short story, it took me about a month to finish from start to finish and 3 months to finish the whole series.

As for my books, Sapphire’s Destiny took me 3 years to write; but I was also working on the other novels in the series at the same time, though only the first one is fully finished now.

What are three words that you would choose to describe your writing style?

Descriptive, magical, and adventurous.

Are your characters inspired by real life people, or do you make them up 100%?

Some of my characters have traits of people i know though they aren’t completely the same. They might have the same hair or attitude but that’s about as far as their similarities go. Others are completely made up.

What sort of mood or feelings did you hope to convey to your readers with your latest work?

I want them to embrace the mystery and get lost in the adventure.

Tell us about the main character of your most recent novel.

Sapphire Archer is a single mom with a shadowed past who just wants to take care of her son and is willing to do anything to keep him safe. When a mysterious package shows up on her doorstep, she it thrust into a mysterious magical world and entrusted with a dangerous task.

Along her journey she encounters mythical creatures, visits magical places, and finds out where she really belongs.

 How do you go about building an antagonist?

I don’t build any of the characters really, they tend to build themselves. But I do believe that a good antagonist is one who can hide in plain sight without being suspected of anything.

Can you describe for us your writing process?

I write late at night. I find that it’s the only time that I can concentrate without interruption and my imagination works the best during the night hours. That my be because I’m so tired that I start dreaming with my eyes open but the scenes seem to flow better.

What kinds of activities do you enjoy besides writing?

I love puzzles, fishing, hunting mushrooms, growing plants, and learning.

Do you ever need to escape from writing? What do you do to get away?

Yes, if I ever need to escape I binge watch Netflix, read a good book, or do anything that is relaxing.

What is the hardest part for you as an author? Easiest?

The hardest part for me is getting the words from my head onto the paper and trying to make it understandable to everyone else. The easiest part is imagining the story line. I can clearly see the characters, where they are, the conversations they have, and the creatures they interact with; it’s just getting all that stuff onto paper that proves to be a problem.

Any author pet peeves?

Judging a book based off of bad reviews. J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien have some pretty bad reviews but the stories were some of the most successful fantasy novels ever. Also someone leaving a horrible review on someone’s book and saying that they haven’t read the book yet, to me that’s just pointless.

Any authors that you feel directly inspired you, your works, or your style?

I love the worlds that J.R.R. Tolkien created and hope to some day be as good as he. But I also love C.M. Owens writing style and how relatable and loving her characters are.

Would you say that you were good at English in high shcool? If not, what were you good at?

I loved high school English and graduated on the A Honor Role. It wasn’t until college that I started to dislike the subject.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what are some ways that you overcome it?

I think everyone comes down with a case of writer’s block at least once in their life. Believe it or not, I wash dishes or clean the house when it happens to me.  It gives me time to think the story through and find ways to correct whatever is killing the flow of thoughts.

Any current projects that we can look forward to?

I’m currently working on book 2 in The Realms Series: Blood stone as well as book 1 in the prequel series The Realms Before the Fall: Reign of the Archer, which is Sapphire’s grandmother Alice Archer’s story.

What are your long-term goals as a writer?

I want to finish The Realms Series and The Realms Before the Fall series. Then i want to start working on my dystopian series W. Vs. Z’s as well as a couple of stand alone novels.

Are you planning any spin-off novels?

Yes, The Realms Before the Fall will be a 6 book series. Each book will highlight different characters form The Realms Series, where they came from, and what they were doing up to the point the Sapphire’s Destiny starts.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t worry so much about where you a headed just enjoy the ride.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Join writing groups (there are tons of Facebook), get as much advice as you can from experienced authors, do your research, and never give up. It will all come together eventually, just don’t rush the story or you will regret it.

Don’t dwell on bad reviews. Use the negative reviews to strengthen your writing and make it better.

How can your readers find out more about you and your books?

You can join my Book Club on Facebook where I hang out with everybody, host giveaways, parties with guest authors, sneak peeks at upcoming books, and so much more:

Like my author page:

Follow me on Twitter: @sl_perryman

follow my Amazon Author Page for my latest book releases:

Check out my website where I blog book reviews, author interviews, and talk about my life and thing I’m doing

Raye Wagner – Author Interview

Today’s Author interview is  Raye Wagner.raye wagner
Names and dates of published novels?
Curse of the Sphinx– August 2015
Demigods and Monsters– April 25 2016
Narcos- Revolution Anthology, June 2016
What genre/subgenres do you write in?
YA urban fantasy/mythology
How long have you been writing?
I started writing June 2010
What made you want to be a writer and have you always wanted to write?
When I was 16 I wrote a goal that I wanted to write/publish a book. But the only fiction I wrote was for college classes (you can take that several ways, and I mean most of them). However, many years later, an idea about a girl cursed by Apollo dropped into my head. I thought it had the makings of a great story, and I called my sister, who majored in Creative Writing, to try and convince her to write it. She told me to write the first 10 pages and send them to her. I’ve been writing ever since.
Who is your favorite author?
I have too many to choose. Hmm. I will forever love Leon Uris. I went into nursing because of one of his characters. I love David Eddings who was the author my brother and I followed as young adults. And now I have a list a mile long.
What was the first piece of fiction that you fell in love with?
The Belgariad by David Eddings.
What do you enjoy most about writing?curse of the sphinx
The opportunity to share my imagination with others.
How long did it take to write your first/last novel?
My first novel took 5 years to complete. The second took about a year.
What are three words that you would choose to describe your writing style?
compulsive, neurotic, anxious (that revealed a lot more about me than I thought)
Are your characters inspired by real life people, or do you make them up 100%?
Some of my characters come to me fleshed out completely. Others have traits from people I actually know, but none of them are actually based on/inspired by people. Although, I am going to have a contest where the winner will get to be or help create a character in book 3.
What sort of mood or feelings did you hope to convey to your readers with your latest work?
Narcos is a political realism piece (11k words) that is meant to inspire readers to take personal responsibility for who and what they are. It is a weightier piece of work than the Sphinx series, but even there I feel strongly that each of us has the power to determine the outcome of our lives. My stories are meant to inspire and empower the reader to take control of their destiny.
Tell us about the main character of your most recent novel.
Hope Nicholas is a monster. Cursed by Apollo, she has the ancient Sphinx’s blood in her veins, and is bound to the same destiny. Hope is sheltered and naïve, but also stubborn and willful. She’s been raised to be self-sufficient on things like cooking, cleaning, and self-defense. However, running from demigods and Skia (think shadow demons from the Underworld) has given her woefully inadequate social skills.
How do you go about building an antagonist?Demigods and Monsters cover 1
I believe antagonists are the protagonists in their own mind. I don’t believe everyone is either good or evil, but both reside in all of us. Those that make poor/bad decisions still are “nice” people. Working with convicted felons taught me this. The antagonists in my stories are moving with intention they believe is best for them, although usually selfishly motivated. I think the defining characteristic of an antagonist is their selfishly motivated actions actually cause harm to someone else. That’s what makes them “bad”.
Can you describe for us your writing process?
I have 3 children (11, 9, and 18 months). I write when I can. Sometimes I get time during the day, other times, it’s late at night. Sometimes, my husband covers for me on a weekend. I’ve discovered it is all about prioritization.
What kinds of activities do you enjoy besides writing?
I love to read. I love to bake. If I don’t exercise I’m a grouch. I love the beach. And I love getting to see family. I have seven siblings, and getting us all together is such a treat.
Do you ever need to escape from writing?
When I was writing Narcos, I would need to take an emotional break and do something cheerful. It is a dark story. What do you do to get away? My favorite getaways have included beach trips, trips to the mountains, and even a day locked away from reality.
What is the hardest part for you as an author?
Not being able to get it all done. I want to be able to do it all. There aren’t enough hours in the day to write, catch up on social media, schedule giveaways, answer emails, help with homework, fold laundry, and make dinner. Not to mention soccer practice, piano lessons, and a quick workout. Easiest? I do love to write.
Any authors that you feel directly inspired you, your works, or your style?
When I finished my first MS I thought I would go the traditional publication route. Then I met A.G. Henley and fangirled at her at Utopia. Shortly thereafter I read Runes by Ednah Walters. Both of these authors put out books that met the same standards I expected from the traditionally published marketplace. I’ve since become friends with both of them, and they’ve been so supportive and great mentors as I’ve travelled down the indie path.
Would you say that you were good at english in highshcool? If not, what were you good at?
I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. I got straight As in English in high school, and even in college. But I excel in analytical thinking. I’m a nurse practitioner by education and profession.
Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, what are some ways that you overcome it?
Write. Even when the words sound stilted and stiff, write. Eventually, they will start to flow again.
Any current projects that we can look forward to?
I’m working on book 3 in the Sphinx series, Myths of Immortality, that will be released the end of 2016. Book 4, Deities and Destiny will come out in 2017. There will be a spin off book or two for at least one character. There is also a prequel novel I’m working on. I’m also writing a screenplay for a friend of mine. I have a few more ideas for after that, too.
What are your long-term goals as a writer?
To continue to write. I’d like to put out 1-2 novels a year.
Are you planning any spin-off novels?
What advice would you give to your younger self?
There is no such thing as a destination in this life. It is one long journey. Enjoy the journey. Remember what is important. Let go of the things that aren’t. Do your best work. Be true to yourself.
 What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Write. Keep writing.
Any other interesting things that you would like your readers to know?
Everyone has challenges. Everyone. Even that girl or guy that looks like they have everything going for them. Sure they’re gorgeous, rich, athletic and smart, or whatever. They might have Crohn’s disease, or their sibling died from cancer, or their father is out of work and they barely have enough to eat. So, two things I think are important. Don’t be surprised when your challenges come. They come for everyone. And you’ll get through them, and be stronger because of them.  Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just stop it. Instead be you. Decide how you want to be, and if it’s realistic be that. Almost everything good comes from hard work. Don’t be a victim. You are in charge of you. Don’t relinquish that control for anything or anyone. Be the best version of you possible today, and then do a little better tomorrow.
How can your readers find out more about you and your books? 

Mythical Creatures of The Realms Series

The Realms Series is a magical place full of magical creatures. img-thingBelow are a few examples you are sure to meet on your journey through The Realms. You can find the continuously growing list of magical creatures Here.

Grogus: A large ethereal creature which has been compared to black ball of slime. The Grogus was created by the gods from the darkest energy in the universe to protect Hell. It has multiple rows of razor sharp teeth and moves rather slowly. To compensate for their lack of defenses they use a gas emitted from a large gland in their rectum to cause their prey to have vivid hallucinations of their deepest desire and while entranced they consume their victim whole. Most believe that if you are eaten by a Grogus you will feel no pain though it is not known for sure because few have ever seen a Grogus and no one has lived through an attack.

Squandrin: A three headed hawk used by royalty as guardians of their estates.mythical creatures Their talons are poisonous if they break your skin resulting in paralysis of the victim, once paralyzed the Squandrin consumes the victim whole. Their talons are used by magical beings in powerful spell work intended to paralyze the enemy or halt an advancement in its tracks.

Conuver:  A large crab like creature that lives in the deepest parts of the Olictious Ocean in the Fairy Realm. Their shells emit a powerful light that attracts prey and illuminates the floor of the ocean so they can see. Their shells possess magical properties and are used to “light the dark” and lift curses.

Get your copy of The Realms Series: Sapphire’s Destiny here.

Book review: Breeder by Casey Hays

Up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Author Casey Hays

breeder pic

or her books, that is until a Facebook group I am a member of ran a HUGE celebration in which dozens of Dystopian authors joined in the fun and ran a bunch of giveaways.

I can’t say no to a giveaway of anything, so naturally, I entered into everyone of them I could not expecting to win anything. You can imagine how surprised I was to be tagged in multiple winners posts. It turns out I had won quite a few Ebooks; including Breeder by Casey Hays.

To say I was a bit skeptical about reading it is an understatement. The book was so far out of my normal realm that i had to give it some serious thought as to whether or not to read it. I normally stick to Adult fantasy novels, erotica, and supernatural books; all of which Breeder is not!

The books only saving grace was an intriguing description and the fact that it was free to me.

Arrows Flight book 1 : Breeder ♥♥♥♥♥

♦Nestled within the folds of a war-torn and ruined world, there lies a village. It has no name; it is full of secrets.
Its women survive because they seem to have found a remedy for war; its men survive because the women let them. They all survive because Fate allows it.
Kate never thought much about Fate until she decided not to believe in it anymore. Destined to become a breeder, she wakes up on her sixteenth birthday determined to defy this duty at all cost. It is a heavy price. For her open rebellion, Mona, the Village counsel leader, drags her to the Pit and forces her to confront her mate for the first time.
He is not what Kate expected.
Despite Mona’s fierce punishments for Kate’s disobedience, the tug of her heart grows stronger; it beckons her away from this life and lures her toward the truth about herself, about her village, and about the boy assigned to be her mate.
The questions bring her hope… but the answers?
They terrify her.

Now upon reading the books description I had flash backs of a book I once read in junior high called The Giver, which was also about a post-war world that was supposed to be a Utopia but had some extremely dark secrets, and I initially wondered if maybe Breeder was in fact a spin off of The Giver. It’s not but they do share many of the same elements and Breeder turned out to be so much more than just another YA Dystopian novel.

After reading Breeder, which is free on Amazon, I fell in love with the series and went on to read the second installment; The Archer, which continues the story and delves deeper into the mysterious Boys of Eden- a modernized city in a destroyed world.

Arrow’s Flight book 2 The Archer: ♥♥♥♥♥

The bridge between Kate’s primitive village and Ian’s contemporary world is long and wide. Due to a horrifying event that ends in her self-imposed banishment, Kate finds herself at the mercy of Ian and his friends–the boys of Eden with their unnatural abilities and dark secrets. Kate has no idea if life outside the Village exists, but Ian promises her she will have a future in Eden if she will trust him. With Diana by her side, she takes the first step in faith.

The journey is harsh, full of relentless rainstorms, illness, clandestine troublemakers . . . and no sign of another village. Kate begins to doubt her decision to leave everything she’s ever known behind. When Diana’s daughter, Tabitha, is struck with a sickness that forces Ian to leave them behind and go for help, Kate’s hopelessness soars. But quiet and confident Justin takes the reins in Ian’s absence, and Kate feels a subtle bend toward him. Only then do the secrets surface, leaving Kate in a miserable state of shock as her faith in Ian falters.

Meanwhile, inside the modernized walls of Eden, Ian must face horrific truths about the source of his superhuman qualities. Truths that will test whether Kate can ever trust him again.

As for Kate, will entrusting her heart to a boy from Eden place her in graver danger than ever before? Will Eden finally be enough? Or will her heart continue to ache for something greater?

After reading the first two books I must say I am hooked! I am twiddling my thumbs waiting to read the third book in the series Master because book two killed me with its enormous cliffhanger! I just have to wait until payday. Until then, no spoilers in the comments please!

Author Review: C.M. Owens

   I don’t normally pimp other authors.cmowens teaser

Not because I am afraid of competition, but because few authors have the ability to make every one of their books grip my attention and connect on such an emotional level that there is no way I can refuse to read them.

C.M. Owens is one of the few authors with that rare ability.  I have read every single one of her books thus far and have yet to be disappointed.  She has a gift that most authors would kill to have and many pray to gain. The characters she creates are relatable and have quirks and personalities that lead you to believe that they are real people; ones who could be living right next door and you not even know it.

She puts so much thought into every single word she writes, that by the time you get the chance to read it, it’s as if the emotions written on the page are coming directly from you. Through her words, you can feel the soft whisper of a caress on your cheek, the pain of a broken heart, the anger of betrayal from the one you love, the joy when your crush finally admits he loves you, and the sore side from laughing too hard at a quirky incubus who has an unhealthy obsession with hashtags and Vanilla Ice.

It’s a talent that an author only gains from truly loving what they do, and because of her love of writing, she has gained the love and trust of many readers including me. C.M. Owens masterfully weaves a world of which you can relate, one that you can believe, and one, which you can live through her words.

She delicately balances humor, heart ache, and love in every novel she writes, and if you give her a chance, she will have you falling in love with her too.

   Books by C.M. Owens:

(highest rating is 5 hearts)

From Book 1 Hooked on the Game: Everyone has secrets that define them, a past that has shaped them, and a game they play – whether they know it or not.

Despite the fact they live next door to each other, Kade and Raya have never made an effort to speak, until a wild party, four frat boys, and… a bulldozer.

Sterling Shore was supposed to be a new start for eighteen-year-old Raya Capperton. Everything was working out perfectly until her two roommates were expelled for a prank, leaving Raya with the house she couldn’t afford on her own. Fate intervenes before she has the chance to find a new home, but she struggles to decide if it’s divine luck or the devil’s cruel sense of humor.

Twenty-one-year-old Kade Colton has his life planned out, and everything he does is an elaborate game to aid him with his future endeavors. Coming from money has made Kade’s life easy, but he wants to build his own name – his own future. The thing he doesn’t realize… when you only put forth superficial effort, you only acquire superficial friends.

Raya is torn between being amused or disturbed by Kade and his philosophy, but the drive behind his determination isn’t what Raya expected. Little by little, her hatred fades and is replaced by emotions she never would have believed she could have for the rich jerk she desperately doesn’t want to care about. Too bad you can’t force yourself not to care.

The problem is… Kade’s shiny name can’t be tarnished, and Raya has a jaded tie she can’t cut loose. Nothing about them can work, nothing about them makes sense, but nothing can seem to stop them from trying.

*Not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen

** No cliffhanger
**New Adult Contemporary Romance
**Descriptive sex

From Blood’s Fury :The deadliest things in life are often the most beautiful… until they strike.

Alyssa Coldwell decides to put her destiny as an immortal witch to the side, so she can take the chance to live like a normal girl amongst regular humans before she too is part of the fey world. She wants a break from magic and all the dangerous drama that comes with it, but life doesn’t always let you do as you please.

Magic is supposed to be simple – you’re either light or dark. But Alyssa is brutally awakened when she learns that life isn’t always so simple. There are gray areas, and there is more to being light than simply saying you are.

But magic isn’t her only problem, humans have problems as well. When she meets Kane Ice, she finds herself in a situation she’s never been before. She’s been sheltered by her overly protective mother, so being with a guy hasn’t ever been an easy task. Kane makes it impossible not to try… while she can. Though she knows she’ll have to leave him once her body turns immortal, she can’t help but fall for him.

What’s the problem with a witch loving a human? So, so many things. Her world is too dangerous, and her attempt to take a break from it fails miserably when her mother is taken captive. With danger always around her, she knows Kane will never be safe. But it’s too hard to let him go.

Kane’s not so fragile though, and he refuses to lose the only girl he’s ever really cared for. Secrets are a part of Alyssa’s life, but she’s not the only one with a locked vault full of unspoken truths. When the secrets come out, Alyssa loses all her faith, her will, and her hope.

From Dark BeautyThe continuation of the Deadly Beauties Trilogy…

Purgatory was opened for the dark ones to escape, but so much more crept out. Over twenty years later, the consequences are finally starting to appear. And the world full of deadly beauties finds even more deception and secrets to face.

As an immortal, it’s hard to have any new experiences after living for so long. History seems to repeat itself… over and over. No one knows that better than Gage Kross, the dark user many overlook. But even if you think you know how something is going to end, sometimes life doesn’t give you the choice of deciding what to do.

When he meets Kimber, something that he thought died inside of him suddenly comes back to life. However, she’s supposed to be one of the few women he can’t be with. Then again, the sweetest fruits are usually the forbidden.

Just when things heat up, life unravels and ghosts come back to haunt Gage and his friends. The past invades the future, consequences are revealed, and impossible secrets emerge from the darkness, while new secrets are formed.

It’s hard to trust people who are trained to hide the truth, so falling in love seems to be a daunting task no matter what. But it’s a world full of seduction, and sometimes love happens whether you want it to or not – even when death is breathing fire down your neck.

Although this is a book one, there is no major cliffhanger.

They were forgotten, but they never went away. Immortals still walk among us…

A daunting start to life has left Adisia Titan wary to trust and unable to believe in second chances. A curse she’s been unaware of has left her with a string of betrayals from the men she’s trusted. After patching her heart back together, she finds herself riddled with crippling insecurities, which makes it hard for her to trust Devin Cole.

Devin’s too good to be true, and she knows it, but against all her better judgment, she falls for him. She never thought about the secrets he could have. And he never thought it possible for her to have a secret even bigger. The only problem is… she didn’t know she had a secret to tell.

Life and death becomes a reality when she learns who she really is, and Devin will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

From The Devil’s ArtworkIn world where death isn’t the worst consequence…

After her father’s fade, Arena Clash’s heart was hardened. She turned bitter, and she became too strong for her own good. Kaceton Brice just happens to be the right amount of fire to melt her glacial exterior. But with the threat of a fade always lurking, love is a dangerous journey to embark on.
They find themselves in the middle of an ages-old conflict, and the thing Arena hates the most becomes her best ally.

Warning: Descriptive Sex

From Treasured Secrets Her blood paints her a target, whereas his marks him the enemy, but together they could be the key to changing it all…

Aria Weislen fought hard to stay in her rainforest home deep in the heart of South America, but she was forced to go back to the states to join the rest of her family. Grayford, Massachusetts is almost the polar opposite of her sweet jungle escape, but it does have one thing her old home never offered… Tallis Verdan. The sight of him leaves her unbalanced and almost incoherent.
Stolen glances and accidental grazes leave her with a fever almost every time. But his mixed signals get her high one second before leaving her to plummet the very next. In a world full of secrets, looks can be deceiving. Even her own reflection has been hiding the truth of what’s to come.
It doesn’t take long to realize why Tallis sends her on such highs and lows. His blood, his ties, and his secrets rival hers. And when the reality Aria has known shatters to make way for the fantasy she never believed, it all spirals out of control.

It’s her they want, but he’ll stand in the way…

*YA Paranormal Romance
*Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15

  • Curse Trilogy                               ♥♥♥♥

Destined for one who broke her heart, and in love with one she never thought she could trust.

Blood defines who a person is and how they’re treated in Araya Crush’s world. Before she was a powerful hybrid, she was a victim of the vampiric system, one where hybrids are discriminated against and punished for being different, while being groomed to become a weapon if they’re among the gifted. It wasn’t expected for her to fall in love with a full blood vampire, especially after having her heart smashed by her hybrid counter. Brazen was there to pick up the pieces, and though she hated the full bloods for the torture they put her through, Araya learned Brazen was different.

Araya distanced herself from Hale, doing her best to never need him or see him again, but fate had other plans. When dark forces arise, the United is forced to gather its best, and she and Hale are among the elite. His love for her hasn’t wavered, and he refuses to let her go without a fight. Brazen is just as determined, so Araya becomes the rope in a desperate game of tug of war.

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The Death Chasers MC Series       ♥♥♥♥♥

From Property of Drex book 1:


What’s the most selfless thing you’ve ever done? What price tag would you put on the ability to save the ones you love?
They say the worst decisions are made by the desperate or the fools.
I was desperate enough to make a foolish decision to save my family. The cost? Me.
They may be a motorcycle club, but in all honesty they’re really an elite unit of criminals who just happen to drive motorcycles. They’re a business. An organization. A fully functioning army…
What’ I’ve learned? They work in the gray area; life and death is real; and everyone wants everyone dead. Okay, so maybe that’s dramatic… No. No it’s not. It’s legit.
I prepared for the worst, fully anticipating hating my new life. Turns out, I finally found out where I belonged. Oh, and I discovered I’m a little twisted or crazy. Maybe both.

Drex Caine, the man without a conscience, didn’t ruin me the way I thought he would. Instead, he made me feel like I was living instead of just waiting to live. And I can never go back to the way things used to be.

*Graphic Language
*Sexual Content
*Dual POV
Please note: Book 1 does end on a cliffhanger, but book 2 has the conclusion and will be released March 28, 2016. After book 2, the rest of the series can be read as stand-alone novels without cliffhangers and will have different main characters featured.

C. M. Owens is kind enough to offer the first book in each series for free on amazon and other retailers so you get the chance to immerse yourself into her created worlds for free and every other book is priced at $2.99 or you can buy book bundles at a discounted price.

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