PermaFree Books

To have your books Featured on this page or the Fiction and Non-Fiction Book pages your books have to be permanently free on one or more online retail channels. This service is Free to authors. Please fill out the form Below with all information before hitting the submit button. Not doing so could result in your submission being rejected.

There is no review requirement for submitting your book to the PermaFree pages at this time. This could change without warning. To be on the safe side please be sure that your book is up to par with the following guidelines.

  • Professionally edited
  • Nice eye catching book cover
  • Interesting blurb

Your book will be submitted to an editorial review and if there are any errors in the text, formatting, cover, or blurb your book will be rejected and no notice will be given to you nor will any explanation be given.

*If your book does have reviews, we will not accept books that have less than a 4 star rating on any channel.

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