Creatures of The Realms Series!

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photocredit: wood splitter lee

The Realms Series is a magical place full of magical creatures.

Below is a list of some of the magical creatures you are sure to come into contact with on you journey through The Realms.

Fan Art

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Grogus: A large ethereal creature which has been compared to black ball of slime. The Grogus was created by the gods from the darkest energy in the universe to protect Hell. It has multiple rows of razor sharp teeth and moves rather slowly. To compensate for their lack of defenses they use a gas emitted from a large gland in their rectum to cause their prey to have vivid hallucinations of their deepest desire and while entranced they consume their victim whole. Most believe that if you are eaten by a Grogus you will feel no pain though it is not known for sure because few have ever seen a Grogus and no one has lived through an attack.

Squandrin: A three headed hawk used by royalty as guardians of their estates. mythical creaturesTheir talons are poisonous if they break your skin resulting in paralysis of the victim, once paralyzed the Squandrin consumes the victim whole. Their talons are used by magical beings in powerful spell work intended to paralyze the enemy or halt an advancement in its tracks.

Conuver:  A large crab like creature that lives in the deepest parts of the Olictious Ocean in the Fairy Realm. Their shells emit a powerful light that attracts prey and illuminates the floor of the ocean so they can see. Their shells possess magical properties and are used to “light the dark” and lift curses.

Showshaw: A small creature mixed between a rabbit, a lemur, and a panda originating from the Magical Realm. They are gentle psychic creatures whose fur changes colors like a mood ring, displaying to their owners the intentions of others in their presence. Under certain circumstances if one’s intentions are strong enough the Showshaw can act like an early warning system for events to come allowing their owner time to escape. The Showshaw has the ability to turn every color of the rainbow and then some but will only ever turn pink once, when it finds its mate or true magical owner. The color pink represents it’s love for the person and is a declaration of true commitment to that person; a vow to protect only that person until its death.

Posable Baby Snow Leopard Dragon by Wood-Splitter-Lee

Grit: the grit is a creature about the size of a house cat but resembles a caterpillar and feeds off of residual magic left behind by witches. They can be easily spotted at sites where magical wars happen Their hair is poisonous to witches and, if touched, will interfere with a witches magic causing sudden bursts of unintentional magic. The Grit has 2 stages of life. Once the Grit obtains enough magic it will wrap itself in a silver cocoon for 50 years and hatch as an adult. The adults, referred to as Bowshin, are wolf like creatures.

* The cocoons of a Grit are highly sought after for their magical properties. Many witches will use the silver silk to create garments which can transform into whatever the wearer wants or needs.


Bowshin: A Bowshin is the second life of a Grit. Closely resembling a wolf, at full maturity they have thick brightly colored fur, long whip like tails, and long arrow like ears with thin snouts and 12 inch canines which fall below the jaw. Under their fur they are adorned with bone spikes which rise up during times of distress. The tails serve as spearing whips and can rip through flesh. Their ears are used as daggers in the event of a fight and their skin is thick enough to withstand a direct hit from a 50 caliber bullet. Most magical beings have never seen a Bowshin and the magical community has come to believe they are a myth. Bowshin have a lifespan of 1000 years and 3 stages of maturity; pup, shift, and wolf. Until they reach full maturity and gain wolf form they burrow under the ground and hibernate, feeding off of bugs, worms, and naturally occurring magic. Hibernation can last anywhere from 60-150 years. Legend says that Her Majesty Magenta, queen of the Fairy Realm had one as a pet until her untimely demise during the Great Fae War.


















photo credit : The Nymph's Wood by mllemia
photo credit : The Nymph’s Wood by mllemia