Contact Us & FAQ’s


How do you choose a book to review?

Most of the books I review on this site are ones that I have already read and fell in love with or that I am currently reading. Almost all of the books in my TBR list came from searching Amazon. Because I am on a budget and I know what it’s like to be a new author, I prefer reading and reviewing free books from new authors and helping them build a readership platform.

Do you accept ARC books from authors?

I will never refuse a free copy of anything including advanced review copies though providing me with one will not increase your chances of being picked for a review. My current to be read back list is pushing 500 and what I choose to read and review depends purely on what catches my attention in the moment.

Will making a donation improve my books chances of getting picked for a review?

No. donating money or making a purchase through the site will not improve your chances of getting a review. I appreciate every dollar that is donated but that would be unfair to other authors if I showed special attention to only those who donated money to this blog to help keep it running.

If your book does happen to be picked for review by me and you have donated money in the past, the choice is merely a coincidence.

Do you do paid promotions?

Not at this time but I will consider it in the near future and make sure that I provide whatever information necessary to the amazing author community when I do.

Will you ever have a paid review option?

Maybe, the jury is still out on this idea. The problem I find with doing paid review is that once you are paid to review a book you have to do it whether you enjoy the book or not. I am a writer and a full time mother so adding paid book reviews to my daily activities would be a bit to much for me to take on at the moment.

What will increase my books chances of being picked for a review?

Like most readers I do have preferences for what I read. I enjoy fantasy in almost all forms, romance, erotica as long as it has romantic elements and a good story line, and I tend to shy away from depressing books and horror. if you have a book you think i will enjoy you can always contact me with the description and if it intrigues me and i have the money, I will add it to my TBR list.

What criteria do you base your reviews on?

When I review a book a lot of different things go into how I rate them. Here are a few examples:

  • Does the book capture my attention within the first 3 chapters?
  • Are the characters easy to relate to and could they be real people based on the authors description?
  • Does the author’s description of the setting make it seem like it could be a real place?
  • Is the story pace to fast, too slow, or just right?
  • Is there an info-dump?
  • Is there a clear story arch and are there any plot holes?
  • Are there any typos or mistakes?
  • Is the description compelling?
  • Does the cover catch my attention?
  • Would I read the book more than once?
  • Would I recommend the book to others?

Depending on the before mentioned questions and others, I rate the book between 1 and 5 hearts; 5 hearts being the highest rating. If I give a book a 5 heart rating it usually means that it has gone beyond my normal criteria and left a lasting impression. Those books are the one’s which I highly recommend, have read multiple times, and am more likely to read other books by the same author.

I will never give a book a 1 start review without good reasoning. If I do review the book and rate it, I will always make sure I point out all of the positives and explain my reasoning behind the rating and review. In most cases, even if the story is quite bad, when I give a bad review I will provide a list of things that the author could do to fix the issues.

I have no problem re-reviewing a book once the issues have been fixed and raising the rating. All of my comments in a 1 to 3 star review should be taken as constructive criticism and a chance to improve the book to gain more readership and earn more income. I will never set out to purposefully degrade a fellow author, I only wish to help others improve their books or praise their strongest characteristics with my reviews.

It would be good for all authors to remember that my reviews are just one person’s opinion and that it may not be the same as everyone elses.

I have a product other than a book I want reviewed, do you accept products to review?

As I have mentioned before I will never refuse anything that is free, if you have a product that you think I might enjoy trying, please fill in a contact form. I can only choose products on a case by case bases so I can not promise at this time that your product will be reviewed or that it will be mentioned at all on this site but I will do my best to reply to each request within 72 hours.

Help the contact form isn’t working!

If this happens, please send an email to sl_perryman(at)yahoo(dot)com and make sure the subject line reads “Contact Form Issues” or something along those lines with your question or comments in the body of the email. The tech team will be sure to those questions along to me and fix the problem.