3 of the Top Paying Online Platforms for Freelancers of all Types

So you have a talent, that’s awesome, but you feel like your not making as much money as you should be at your 9-5 and your boss is a jerk. But what can you do?


Here is a little known secret…you CAN work from home AND make good money!


I know, I sound crazy right?


It’s true! You can work from home and you can make money doing it. I know because I’ve been doing it for over a year now. All you need is a talent, Internet access, and a will to work. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Whether you are an awesome artists, an decent writer, great with photoshop, or have excellent organizational skills there is someone somewhere in the world looking for people like you and willing to pay for the services you can offer.

Here are 3 of the top paying sites I’ve found that cater to freelancers of all types.


Taskrabbit.com –

This site is specifically for people who work with their hands and dont mind to travel. You can become a Tasker by signing up on the site for free. Tasks range from handyman services like fixing broken pipes to cleaning services, there are even jobs posted looking for people to fold t-shirts. Simply input your zip code and Taskrabbit will match you with tasks in your area. You can set your own wage, choose when you work, and how far you travel; so how much you earn is in your hands.


This site is for all forms of freelancers. If you have a skill like editing, graphic design, or maybe you can write an awesome resume, this is the site for you. Create a free account, take a few simple tests (not mandatory), fill out your profile and work experience, and start searching the job listings. When you find one that interests you simply send the employer a proposal stateting why you are interested in the job, your qualifications, and your bid. Each listing has a set budget and details stating what the employer is looking for so it’s easy to find a job that pays well and is within your scope of expertise.

Fiverr.com –

Fiverr is alot like Upwork only you are the one posting the jobs based on your expertise. Simply create a free account, fill out your profile, and start creating job listings or Tasks. Jobs start at $5, so keep it simple. Lets say you are an awesome artists, your first job listing might read “I will draw you an original character based off your ideas”; then fill out a few details, start your price at $5, offer extras like same day delivery or multiple revisions for X dollars, and post your task. Buyers find your listing and purchase your jobs, they can also send you special requests which you can accept or deny and set your own price for those as well.

There you have it, 3 of the top sites for freelancers of all types to get you started working from home.
Do you work from home? What sites do you recommend using? Leave your answers in the comments below!