Books By S.L. Perryman


Books By S.L. Perryman

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Sapphire’s Destiny (The Realms Series Book 1)


When a mysterious package shows up on her doorstep, Sapphire Archer is thrown into a magical world she never knew existed. With the help of a wise genie named Nubby she must leave everything she has ever known behind, including her son Falcon, and travel across the world to fulfill a dangerous destiny passed down to her by her grandmother.

With the enemy hot on their tail, Sapphire and Nubby must make their way through The Forest of Lost Souls in search of a hidden box containing the key to bringing magic back. But will Sapphire make it home in time to complete the ritual, or will the enemy stand in her way?

♦Please note that release dates are just projections and are subject to change!

The Realms Series

  1. Sapphire’s Destiny- April 1st 2016
  2. Blood Stone- October 31st 2017
  3. Valhalla- spring (April) 2018
  4. The Trials of Nordak- fall (October) 2018
  5. The Rise of Evil– spring(April) 2019
  6. A Goddess Is Born– TBA

The Realms Series- Before the Fall (character short stories)

  1. Reign of the Archer (Alice)- July 2018
  2. Journey for Knowledge (Nubby)-TBA
  3. Lucifer’s Bounty (Damien)- TBA
  4. Dynamic Duo (Lily and Jet)- TBA
  5. Fate of Foes (Mark)- TBA
  6. Healing hands (Rachel)- TBA


The Hunters Saga

(Follow Nubby and Jeremy as they track down new witches only to find themselves hunting a murderer.)

1. Chasing Fire




W VS. Z’s

  1. **Apocolyptica- TBA
  2. **Sanctuary- TBA
  3. **The Reckoning- TBA 

♦Please note that the Poor Girls Guide Series is non-fiction and will be published under S.L. Anderson as will any other non-fiction works I publish!

The Poor Girls Guide Series (not yet released)

  1. Good cooking
  2. **Your dream wedding
  3. Living frugally
  4. Money (making and managing)
  5. **Dressing well on a budget
  6. **Affording kids
  7. Surviving college

Stand alone books (not yet released)

  • Sleeping with the enemy- TBA
  • **A common Enemy-TBA
  • Rags to Riches-TBA
  • **Morphing-TBA