Mythical Creatures of The Realms Series

The Realms Series is a magical place full of magical creatures. img-thingBelow are a few examples you are sure to meet on your journey through The Realms. You can find the continuously growing list of magical creatures Here.

Grogus: A large ethereal creature which has been compared to black ball of slime. The Grogus was created by the gods from the darkest energy in the universe to protect Hell. It has multiple rows of razor sharp teeth and moves rather slowly. To compensate for their lack of defenses they use a gas emitted from a large gland in their rectum to cause their prey to have vivid hallucinations of their deepest desire and while entranced they consume their victim whole. Most believe that if you are eaten by a Grogus you will feel no pain though it is not known for sure because few have ever seen a Grogus and no one has lived through an attack.

Squandrin: A three headed hawk used by royalty as guardians of their estates.mythical creatures Their talons are poisonous if they break your skin resulting in paralysis of the victim, once paralyzed the Squandrin consumes the victim whole. Their talons are used by magical beings in powerful spell work intended to paralyze the enemy or halt an advancement in its tracks.

Conuver:  A large crab like creature that lives in the deepest parts of the Olictious Ocean in the Fairy Realm. Their shells emit a powerful light that attracts prey and illuminates the floor of the ocean so they can see. Their shells possess magical properties and are used to “light the dark” and lift curses.

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