#chachaslidechallenge: My spring time weight loss plan!

So spring has officially sprung and with the warm weather comes the time to shed all of our winter hibernation weight, you know the 15 or 20 pounds that crept up on you thanks to that amazing Thanksgiving turkey and the endless supply of holiday treats.

You may have looked in the mirror this morning (something that you have avoided doing for quite some time) and though “Dear lord, where did this cellulite come from? Oh my god, is that a double chin?” I get it, I’m in the same boat as you only mine is more like the 50+ pounds I’ve been fighting with for the last 3 years since my son was born.

Loosing weight is probably one of your top 10 new years resolutions, as it most likely has been since you hit puberty and started becoming more aware of the way others look at you, not to mention judge you for it. And yet , here we are 3 months into the year and you have barely noticed even the slightest wavering of the bathroom scale in the right direction.

Same here, only, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Last year I had some luck in the weight management department. I started walking 2 miles a day and doing 30 minutes of Tae Bo twice a week. The scale didn’t drop much but I can at least say that I didn’t gain anything either.

This winter I was less motivated and I hate the cold so I definitely didn’t go outside unless necessary. Instead I relied on house chores and the occasional motivation to participate in the plank challenge.

I have come to realize what they say is true, “the less you do the less motivated you are to do anything”. So this year I have taken a vow and promised myself that no matter what I will do something everyday. No more relying on my metabolism to determine if I will gain any weight or stay a hefty 250 pounds for another month.

With my new mindset, I turned to the most vast knowledge on this planet right now in search of creative ways to stay active. It seems that working out has become quite popular and diverse with new variations of the old favorites.

A plank is no longer boring but has become a fun game where you dance to the Cha Cha Slide and dons the hashtag #chachaslidechallenge and  the Bring Sally Up plank challenge. Squats of old are now done to Dark Horse by Katy Perry.

With so many fun challenges to choose from, I’m sure I will not only loose weight without getting bored, but have fun doing it.

So here is where you guys come in, I want you guys to do this with me. All you have to do is video tape yourself doing the challenges and upload the video to Youtube.com and drop the link in the comments below. If you want to share your weight loss story  you can send those to me at sissy_1990_18@yahoo.com. Be sure to include a before and after photo unless you want to keep your identity confidential.

Have you heard of another awesome weight loss/work out challenge? Post it in the comments and I will check them out, I might even video myself doing them and share them with you.


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