Dandruff: What I Use and What I Avoid

For years I have suffered from dandruff and over the years I have tried so many products hoping to help ease the itching of my dry scalp. You name it, I have probably tried it.

The problem first started my junior year of high school. I didn’t notice it much at first, it just felt like my scalp was a little irritated so for the most part I ignored it thinking that it would go away on its own, blaming the itch on winter related dry scalp problems.

About 2 months into my senior year, I was out roaming the local woods and low and behold I got a bad case of poison ivy. I don’t even have to touch the plant to catch it, I can walk by 20 feet away with the wind blowing toward me and Bam! Little itchy blisters start showing up randomly all over my body and I have to go to the doctor and get a shot in the fatty flesh of my hip to rid myself of the pesky blisters.

It was right about the same time, during the height of my impending itching, that I noticed my scalp itching non stop as well. I was under the assumption that I had accidentally scratched my rash and then my head, spreading the nasty little blisters onto my scalp. So 3 tubes of cream, 2 shots, and 4 bottles of calamine later my body was rash free but my head still itched.

Being in high school is hell, we’ve all been through it but most go without being picked on. I was not so lucky. A girl in my class decided that my incessant itching of my dry scalp meant that i had head lice and that is exactly what she proceeded to tell anyone that would listen. The rumors spread and by the end of the week I found myself sitting in the nurses office being examined like a preschooler. of course I was clean but that’s besides the point. needless to say I was quite pissed and ended up putting my fist through the school wall.

After a long conversation with the schools councilor, principal, and nurse I decided it was time to do something about my issue; and no I’m not talking about anger.

So I bought every kind of dandruff shampoo on the market and started to experiment. Head and shoulders was okay but not as good as selsun blue. T-gel helped for all of 5 minutes but made my hair dry and damaged. I tried medicated, normal, moisturizing, and everything in between an spent hundreds of dollars on special lotions, shampoos, hair oils, and even tried adding expensive essential oils. Still nothing would last.

After my son was born I noticed he had dry skin all the time. I tried lotions which is how I found out that he has sensitive skin and can’t use some of them. One day I noticed that he was able to use baby oil and Johnson and Johnson vanilla oatmeal lotion  but only in very small quantities. The problem was getting him to sit still long enough to put it on him.

That night as I was giving him a bath a thought struck me “What if I put a little bit of both into the bath water?” and vioala! His skin was amazingly soft and there was not a single bad reaction. So I thought “I wonder if this would work for my dandruff?” and amazingly after a few uses it did.

Personally I hate the smell of baby oil so I bought a small container of mineral oil in its place and it works just the same. I use an old lotion bottle fill it half way with baby lotion and add 4 tablespoons of mineral oil and the rest is water. Shake it really well until its well blended and as I take a shower I rub it into my scalp before I shampoo. It works like a dream, no more itch, and better yet it makes my hair feel healthier.

Of course this is just one case of what worked for me and it is not guaranteed to work for you but it could be worth a try.




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